Dec 16, 2008

Rock The World 8

This is the official flyer for Rock The World 8

Rock The World is set to return for its 8th edition in December. Who's playing, you ask?

According to the official site, the acts scheduled include The Otherside Orchestra, Komplot, Estranged, One Buck Short, Laila's Lounge, OAG, They Will Kill Us All ... eh you can read for yourself, just check out their site :D

The concert's going down on 20 December at the Secret Garden at Stadium Merdeka (can someone pls let us know where this secret garden is?). Tickets available at Rock Corner, Music Valley, Tower Records and Extreme Outlets, priced at RM25. 1st 1000 entries get a free Rock The World 8 T's.


[ achees ] said...

backgroung oren cam kurg menarik jep. :(

syime hebat said...

bg aku da ckup lawa da..

syime hebat said...

huhu.. kene tnya sape yg design flyers ni..